About Us

Jean-Leon is a small, family owned and operated business specialising in polished opals, faceted gems, and sterling silver jewelry design. We wanted to share our passion with you, which is why we created an online opal shop that’s open to the public so that those who share the same passion in gemstones are welcome to browse through our wide collection of ornamental stone jewelry. We can guarantee that all of our stones are one hundred percent genuine! 


Most of our stones are natural with no treatments applied. However, if there are stones that had been treated, we will make sure to state the facts on the stone’s advert. We value honesty in our business.  If you’re looking for gemstones to add to your collection, you’ve come to the right place. Call us today or browse our portfolio and see if you find something you fancy! Don’t forget to add to cart and checkout and give these precious gemstones a new home.