Australian Opals

Australian Opals
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2.3ct Solid Australian Dark Opal

Type of Stone: OpalCountry of Origin: AustraliaWhere polished: AustraliaSize by Carat: 2.3ctPhysi..

$420.00 Ex Tax: $381.82

3.65ct Solid Australian Opal

This sweet opal weighing 3.65ct has been polished into an oval shape.It has flashes of red, green an..

$550.00 Ex Tax: $500.00

6.9ct Australian Light Opal N7 B1

Type of Stone:  Light OpalCountry of Origin: AustraliaWhere polished: AustraliaSize by Carat..

$350.00 Ex Tax: $318.18

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Looking for polished opals?

Opals are Australia's world-renowned gemstone. See how the brilliant, flashing colours catch your eye!!

All our opals are sourced within Australia.

Australian Polished Opals

Buy Quality Australian Opals

If you’re an avid jewelry aficionado your collection will not be complete without a polished opal. Fascinatingly, their unique simplicity is what makes polished opals Australia extremely attractive and highly coveted. With their dashing display of gleaming colors, stunning patterns, and irresistible body tones, you can’t help but admire their remarkable features. 


However, choosing opal stones can be a bit tricky since there are several factors you need to consider. Some of the important factors you’ll need to look into include patterns, brilliance, opal type, body color, clarity, tone, and carat weight. You should also ask you’re your trusted Australian Opal shop if the opal is synthetic or natural. 


If you’re not a gemstone expert, the excitement of shopping for new polished opals for sale can easily dissipate since you’ll have so many factors to study and consider to ensure you get value for your money. At Jean-Leon polished opals, we can guarantee you’ll get the best polished opal stones in the market.  We not only sell opal stones but we also educate you about their characteristics. We also enjoy sharing our knowledge with our customers about polished opals. Don’t confuse yourself, trust the experts! We’ve been in the industry long enough to successfully build our reputation in selling valuable opal stones.